A great Jazz festival at its Third Year and again with free entry!

In the last edition we had more than 2,000 people attending the Festival and this year we're back with another great set of some of the best jazz ensamble, friday the 12th and saturday the 13th of June 2015.
The festival is hosted by the "Municipality of Mandello del Lario" (LC), will begin at 21.00 in Piazza Leonardo da Vinci at the Theatre "Fabrizio De Andrè" and we'll have again the maxi-screens in the pedestrian square just outside the theatre for the people that won't be able to fit in or for those who prefer to enjoy the music under the stars of Como Lake (Lecco side).
This year program is rich and various. On friday the 12th we'll start with the "Mediterranean Trio" leaded by a veteran of ControCorrente: Gavino Murgia, with Marcello Peghin and Pietro Iodice. After them, our friend and a sort of "godfather" of ControCorrente, always present since the 1st edition and probably the most famous italian jazzist, Paolo Fresu, with his very special project "a solo".

On the second day, saturday the 13th, we'll have two trios, very different, very special: the italian "Trio" that collects three generations of the best italian jazzist, Enrico Intra, Matteo Cigalini and Paolino Dalla Porta. Following a contamination trip of balcan music and be-bop, the "Balkan Bop Trio", a unique and overwhelming project by Markelian Kapedani (Albania), Yuri Goloubev (Russia) and Asaf Sirkis (Israel).

You really shouldn't miss it... we're waiting for you! For any information, please contact ilvale: info@jazzinmandello.it